On January 10, 2012 at approximately 10:41 p.m.  the Waterloo Police Department responded to a report of a large fight in the area of Columbia St and Crescent Place.  Upon officers arriving on scene the crowd began to disperse.  Bystanders pointed out a subject that was running from the scene as being in possession of a firearm.  This subject was subsequently captured.

During the course of the investigation a handgun was recovered, which had previously been reported stolen. 

The following subjects were arrested during the course of this investigation:

Antonia Hardy 25 yoa-Failure to Disperse

Depre Owens 20 yoa--Inteference With Official Acts

Laquilla Holmes 21 yoa--Interference With Official Acts

Taiwan Cox 18 yoa--Inteference With Official Acts

Charles Brown 21 yoa--Carrying Weapons, Possession of Firearm as a Felon, Trafficking Stolen Weapons and Interference with Official Acts

Sgt Greg Fangman, Watch III Patrol