The March Quality of Life Initiative that will be enforced by Waterloo Police Department officers is excessively tinted windows. Iowa code regulates the amount of tint or reflective material on windows to allow adequate visibility for the driver of the vehicle to safely operate the vehicle under all weather and light conditions. Iowa code dictates that the windshield, front side windows, and front side-wing windows allow a minimum transparency of 70 percent light transmittance. If a motor vehicle owner is considering the application of tinting or reflective material on these windows, they need to keep in mind that motor vehicles are manufactured with a small degree of window tinting.

Iowa code allows an exemption to this window tinting standard for persons suffering from a severe light-sensitive condition. The person afflicted must carry documentation from a doctor in the motor vehicle and the windows must allow a minimum transparency of 35 percent light transmittance.  

The tinting of motor vehicle rear side windows and rear windows are not regulated in Iowa. As such, they can be tinted as heavy as the owner desires.

The total cost of a citation for this violation under City code is $127.50.

Daniel J. Trelka

Director of Safety Services, City of Waterloo