The enforcement initiative for the month of October will be the enforcement of the City’s Crime Property Code.

A crime property is one that has been associated with at least three police calls "of deleterious activity." All of the following is considered deleterious activity under the code:

Drunkenness, quarrelling, fighting, breaches of the peace (such as disorderly conduct or loud music), drug violations, gambling, prostitution, or firearms violations. Domestic violence calls will not be considered deleterious activity.

The Crime Property Code allows the owner of a property to be cited for owning a crime property, even if the owner lives off premises, if the owner fails to take action to rectify the problem after notification by the Chief of Police. After notification is made to the owner, the police department will reasonably assist and accommodate the owner in abating the problem in order for the owner to avoid a citation and/or a court order of abatement.

The penalty for an initial violation of the Crime Property Code is $195.00. The penalty for each repeat violation is $330.00.

Daniel J. Trelka, Director of Safety Services