On Thursday, May 16, 2013 at approximately 8:11 AM, Waterloo Police received a report of a suspicious man in an SUV near a school bus stop talking with a young girl.

The young girl was waiting for the school bus in the 500 block of Lakeside Street when a middle-eastern male with a dark beard got out of a vehicle and asked what she was doing. Another vehicle then pulled up to the bus stop and the male got back into his vehicle and left. The suspicious vehicle was described as a black Trailblazer-type SUV with Oklahoma plates. The male did not touch or harm the young girl.

About 9:12 AM, the same vehicle was observed driving through the parking lot at Lowell Elementary School, 1628 Washington Street.

Anyone with information on the suspect or vehicle is asked to contact the Waterloo Police Department at 319-291-2515.