On Monday, October 20, 2008 around 7:00 a.m., Waterloo Fire Rescue personnel and Waterloo Police Officers responded to the intersection of Logan Avenue and Saint Croix Drive on the report of a vehicle crash involving a Waterloo School bus and a prisoner transport van.  The investigation into this incident revealed that the van crashed into the back of the school bus, which was stopped to pick up a student.

The school bus was driven by 55-year-old Karen Adams, and the only student on the bus at the time of the crash was 13-year-old Tuliyah Frazier.  A private party took Frazier was taken to Allen Memorial Hospital where she was treated and released for minor injuries.  Adams was not injured.

54-year-old Roosevelt Johnson Jr., from Memphis, Tennessee, drove the prisoner transport van, which is owned by Con-Link Transport out of Memphis, Tennessee.  The only other Con-Link employee in the vehicle at the time was 30-year-old Amy Shelby of Summerville, Tennessee.

Johnson and Shelby were transporting the following prisoners at the time of the crash.  Curtis Murphy, age 35, Michael Arnold, age 41, Brian Barnett, age 33, Patricia Richardson, age 22 and Andre Valles, age 50.

Waterloo Fire Rescue Paramedics transported Johnson, Shelby and the five prisoners to Allen Memorial Hospital where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries.  Brian Barnett was held for observation, and all of the others were released.

The investigation into this crash continues.

Captain John Beckman
Waterloo Police Department