On July 25, 2009 at 0157 hrs the Waterloo Police Department responded to a hit and run accident and a shots fired call in the alley behind the Taco John's at 602 Broadway.

Officers arrived on scene and found 16 year old Miranda Casillas had been hit and drug under a vehicle. The vehicle did leave the scene but was located a short time later. Casillas was taken to Allen Hospital by ambulance with injuries to her body. The injuries are non-life threatening.

The driver of the run vehicle 18 year old Arnetha Vanarsdale turned herself in to the Waterloo Police Dept. It was determined that Vanarsdale was picking up Casillas when gunshots started. Vanarsdale took off at a high rate of speed to aviod gunshots and drug her friend Casillas under the car. Vanarsdale did not know that she had drug Casillas under the car and drove away. Vanarsdale's charges are pending in this case.

The shots fired incident is still under investigation.

No more information is available at this time.

Sgt. Lisa Campbell / Watch 3