On Monday, December 7, 2009 around 1:15 pm, Waterloo Police officers and Waterloo Fire Rescue paramedics responded to 610 East 4th Street, apartment number 51, on the report of a stabbing that had just occurred.

Officers learned that the victim, 51-year-old Robert Earl Smith, and his brother, 55-year-old Wilbert Smith, both of 610 East 4th Street, apartment number 51, got in to an argument and Wilbert stabbed Robert in the abdomen with a knife.  There had been ongoing problems between the two, which led up to the stabbing.

Paramedics transported Robert to Allen Hospital where he was admitted for treatment and is listed in stable condition.

Wilbert was arrested and charged with aggravated assault domestic abuse and is presently being held in the Black Hawk County Jail.

Wilbert Smith's photo will not be released at this time.

Captain John Beckman
Waterloo Police Department
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