The Waterloo Police Department wishes to make you aware of the results of our community policing efforts.

One of the principles of policing worldwide is “the test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it.”

In 2010, Waterloo’s crime rate was down 11%. Year to date in 2011, Waterloo’s crime rate is down 20%. This is in addition to the substantial drop seen in 2010. Crime is still occurring in Waterloo and there is still much more the police department and the community needs to do. However, crime is occurring much less frequently then in the past. If this trend is maintained, Waterloo’s crime rate is projected to be less than the average of the 10 cities in Iowa with a population of more than 50,000. This data was tabulated with information obtained from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR).

In addition, preliminary data for 2011 indicates that the Waterloo Police Department is solving approximately 56% of the crimes reported to them. The national average is typically around 22%.

The Waterloo Police Department is utilizing a strategic plan with a heavy emphasis on community policing. Below are several examples:

-The Violent Crime Apprehension Team (VCAT). The Waterloo City Council accepted a four-year grant from the COPS Hiring Recovery Program to hire five new police officers to staff the Department’s newly created VCAT unit. This unit became operational early in 2010. The VCAT Unit works closely with other police department personnel, Waterloo neighborhood associations, citizens, and other sources to identify violent crime areas with the ultimate goal of reducing criminal activity. The key to their success is a strong community and police partnership.

-Utilization of foot and bicycle patrols. A heavy emphasis has been placed upon the officers occasionally walking within their beat or using police bicycles in their assigned sectors. This allows the officers to interact with all the members of the community and also to identify criminal behavior in areas not readily accessible by squad car. The officers continue to implement innovative projects to take full advantage of this option.

-The adherence to our mission “To vigilantly protect, serve, and work together with our community to prevent crime and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods.”

Daniel J. Trelka

Director of Safety Services