The Patrol Division

  • Patrol Division Commander - Captain Rob Duncan (Click for Bio
    • 1st Watch -  Lieutenant Michael Girsch (Click for Bio)
    • 2nd Early Watch - Lieutenant Steve Bose (Click for Bio)
    • 2nd Late Watch - Lieutenant Rob Camarata 
    • 3rd Watch - Lieutenant Hector Camarin 

The Detective Division

  • Detective Division Commander - Captain Jason Feaker (Click for Bio)
    • Detective Unit - Lieutenant Corbin Payne (Click for Bio)
    • Tri-County Drug Enforcement Task Force - Lieutenant Rich Gehrke 

The Administrative Division

  • Administrative Division Commander - Captain Aaron McClelland (Click for Bio
    • Internal Affair/Personnel -  Lieutenant Augustin Farmer 
    • Training - Lieutenant Greg Fangman (Click for Bio)
    • Information Systems / Records Manager - Wendy Drinovsky (Click for Bio)