From July 9th through July 12th, 2012 the Waterloo Safety Services Department will host its inaugural Safety Services Career Camp at the Waterloo Police and Waterloo Fire Departments Training Centers.   The camp will run from 8 AM to 5 PM with half the day being dedicated to each discipline. All High School age students are welcome to apply but only first 24 registered applicants will be allowed to attend.

Explore the exciting opportunities that await you in a career in public safety.   During this camp you will work hands on with Waterloo Fire Fighters and Waterloo Police Officers to experience what it takes to join their ranks.  

You will be exposed to the various safety equipment used by these men and women on a daily basis and learn how they do dangerous work safely.   You will get to witness special units of each agency demonstrate their skills and explore what it takes to be involved in special operations.  

During this four-day camp you will have the opportunity to expose yourself to a variety of specialized equipment used by each agency and learn the purpose of each piece of equipment. You will get to experience hands-on fire fighting and crime scene processing along with other technical skills and equipment used by each department. During lunch, guest speakers from throughout the community will give instruction about leadership within their profession and community.

Registration is $20 and includes a camp T-shirt, lunch, snacks and water each day.   To register please complete the attached registration and submit it to the Waterloo Leisure Services at 1101 Campbell Ave, Waterloo IA 50701.  

Participants Name:        _________________________________________ Date of Birth: __________

Participant’s address:    _________________________________________

T-Shirt Size: XS S M L XL XXL                      (Male/Female)

Allergies/medical conditions that we need to be aware of: ________________________________________

Parent/Guardian:           _________________________________________

Address:                       _________________________________________

The undersigned parent/guardian hereby gives permission for his or her child to participate in the camp. The undersigned understand the inherent dangers with these activities. The undersigned hereby voluntarily assume and accept all inherent risks and/or dangers associated with this activity and agree to release, discharge and covenant not to sue the City of Waterloo, Iowa, the Waterloo Police and/or Fire Department, and their officers, employees, volunteers and agents from and with respect to any and all claims, costs, and liabilities whatsoever, including but not limited to those arising out of strict liability, breach of duty, or negligence. The undersigned hereby covenant to hold the City of Waterloo and its agents harmless and to defend, indemnify and release them from any claim, liability, judgment or expense, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees and expenses. The undersigned parent/guardian hereby gives permission for agents of the City to authorize emergency medical treatment for his or her child in the absence of the parent/guardian during this camp. This release and waiver is binding on the undersigned and their heirs, assigns and legal representatives.

Signature of Parent/Guardian:    _____________________________

Signature of Participant:            ____________________________

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