The Waterloo Police Department will be placing an extra emphasis on the enforcement of red light violations for the month of November. This is part of the department’s quality of life initiative to not only enforce issues of concern, but to work with the media to educate the public and gain compliance for the matter being addressed.

Each year the Waterloo Police Department responds to more than 1,500 traffic accidents. The assistance of Waterloo Fire Rescue is needed at many of these accidents because of persons being entrapped within the vehicle and/or injured. Five traffic fatalities have occurred in Waterloo this year. In some accidents there is also the spillage of items such as gas, diesel fuel, or anti-freeze. The fire department responds for the clean up of these hazardous materials. Numerous public resources are expended each year because of traffic crashes. Persons driving through red lights cause some of these crashes. The risk of death or injury to a person involved in a side impact crash, such as those in a crash caused by a vehicle running a red light, are significant.

The cost of a citation for a red light violation is $195.00.

Daniel J. Trelka

Director of Safety Services

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